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Korean translation is a procedure when a text – be it oral or written – created in English is transferred into Korean language, or vice versa. But Korean translation is not just a word for word replacement. It is a difficult and creative process that requires real experts with a wide experience in Korean translation community.

Use the form below to get a rough idea about translating English to Korean by a machine translator. You can use it as a English -  Korean dictionary as well.

Communicating in different languages will expand your market and enable you to be understood or understand others. Segem Consulting – Korean translation UK company understands this importance of transmitting your message across language barriers, and we know how to do it correctly.

We recognize that accurately translated documents or websites can have a profound and positive impact on your company’s image, the acceptance of your products in international markets, your warranty cost and liability risk, as well as your ability to reach new customers.

We locate suitable Korean translators for each project, with the appropriate interaction and grammar language expertise and translation experience in the subject matter of your document. Our database of translators gives us the advantage to guarantee you a complete and professional translation within a strict deadline. We provide quality translation services in different areas of expertise. We help to communicate your message and ideas to the target market, to be understood and understand what the others say.

It is the language differences that made people resort to this challenging yet really important job and made the translation itself one of the oldest occupations in the world. If you or your organization requires top quality Korean translation at a good and affordable price, then Segem Consulting is the service company you are searching for. Different cultures, mentalities, levels of development, traditions – all of them come forward when a need arises to translate. It is easy to make oneself lost in this ever-changing world of words and meanings. But Segem Consulting is always there to lend a helping hand and guide you through the entire process of Korean translation helping you to avoid the language pitfalls and understand the nuances.

Segem Consulting offers you expert Korean translation services in the following subject areas – financial and technical, professional and general – with the right balance between quality and price. Our qualified and friendly staff of Korean translators, native Korean proofreaders and experienced style editors ensures that your Korean translation is of a high quality, uses the appropriate terminology, carefully renders all the technicalities and style, reads well and is accurate. We also translate US and UK patents and patent applications into Korean so that you can file with the Korean Patent Office. Of course, we offer Korean to English services as well. Our Korean patent translation team sticks to what it does best, and does it very well. We select native Korean English bilingual translators for their technical knowledge in an area of science or engineering, as well as for their exceptional linguistic abilities.

Feel free to look through the sections of our website and know more about our Korean translation services. Contact us for more information on our Korean translation services.

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