Korean Game Translation Services

Segem consulting, Korean translation company is proud to announce that we work with a major video game company in America. We are a leader in video game translation whether it is English to Korean video game translation or Korean to English video game translation. We also provide localised testing services.

Often game translation is called game localisation, which means a mere accurate translation is not enough to give gamers enough experience. It should be localised! We are bi-cultural. We understand both British culture and Korean culture. When it comes to Korean translation, we are the best!

We have a complete separate reviewers or proofreaders who checks for Korean translation errors or mistakes.

We ensure proper terminology is used in terms of both hardware and software. Some of us in Segem Consulting, a leader in Korean translation services are avid video game players. After work, we play Grand Turismo, Call of Duty and many others.

Actually, Korea’s gaming industry is quite competitive. In 2009 it was the third most competitive country in the world, closely following America and Japan.

We also provide characters and settings are right in terms of cultural context. We are Korean specialists and almost all Korean translators are not only bilingual but also bicultural, which means our Korean translators understand cultural context. This greatly helps us to achieve the most accurate translation results when it comes to video game translation and online game translation, because in these cases it is vital to understand cultural context and implement appropriate Korean translation techniques.

Because many Korean translators in Segem Consulting are bi-cultural, they can retain the flavour of the source game and interpret cultural context, thus achieve a very high quality game translation.

Menu text translation, system message translation, voice translation, dialogue translation and help file translation are key translations from English to Korean or from Korean to English. We are top quality Korean game translators.

One thought on “Korean Game Translation Services

  1. Tham Tuck Yee


    We are a game development studio based in Singapore currently focusing on iOS and Andriod games.
    We are looking to localize our games to Korean.

    I chanced upon your website and I hope to find out more on the services you provide.

    Please get in touch with me via my email if you are interested on your end.

    Tuck Yee

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