English to Korean Translation

English to Korean Translation

English to Korean Translation

Looking for a first-class English to Korean translation service? With a team of professional translation project managers working in tandem with expert English to Korean translators, we guarantee satisfaction.

Segem Consulting has become, after many years of experience, a well-known English to Korean Translation Company as a result of its translation services rendered to a diverse range of national and international businesses. Since 2005, Segem Consulting has been offering online translation services and has continued to an ever increasing client base.

We continuously update practises and resources to make sure that our clients are always at the cutting edge of industry. We pride ourselves in our quality, speed, professionalism, reliability and effectiveness in each translation project executed. We appreciate the benefit of utilising linguists with specialist skills in specific industry areas in order to maintain the high standards that our clients expect.


English to Korean Translation

Superb English to Korean Translations

Your project will be translated by professional native Korean translators – every English to Korean translator was rigorously selected and tested before joining our team. We do not apply the approach of just selecting a Korean translator from a database – we care for our clients. We offer our clients a convenient one stop solution for all their English to Korean translation service needs. Our translators can handle any subject matter of any size and in any format.


Accurate language translations

Our project manager confirms intended use and target audience, communication guidelines and production specifications with client. The project manager will supervise all phases of adaptation and production. We deliver a range of English to Korean translation services. Whether you have general translation requirements, or special requirements such as legal, technical or script translations, we have dedicated linguists to cater for your needs.


[list class="bullet-check"][li]Highly competitive quote in less than 1 hour[/li]

[li]24 hour a day / 7 days a week availability[/li]

[li]Fully Project Managed Translation[/li]

[li]Industry Specific Professional Translators translating into their native language[/li]

[li]Friendly Customer Service[/li]

[li]Accurate Translation and delivered on time[/li]

[li]Language translation for every need[/li][/list]


Urgent translation?

We are pleased to be able to have the ability to translate large projects at the last minute and are, therefore, able to offer an urgent translation service when needed. Segem Consulting offers an urgent translation service. Should your translation project be of urgency, please, do not hesitate to contact us – we are available 24 hours, 365 days a year.


English to Korean translation specialisation

Over the years, Segem Consulting has helped many businesses expand to new markets using our translation services. Since 2002, our English to Korean Translation and Korean to English translation services have been our most popular choice. Because of the fact we are a UK translation agency with offices in Korea and UK, we always have the best native Korean translator or English translator team at hand.

Our Korean to English translation team has a wealth of experience. Each translator has a unique specialized translation field – be it a medical translation, technical translation and so forth, which guarantees the quality of our translation services. We are ready to be the perfect match for any translation project.


Our Mission

[list class="bullet-6"][li]Helping you communicate perfectly with any Korean audience[/li]

[li]Helping our clients accommodate the Korean linguistic needs of their international Korean customers[/li]

[li]Providing culturally sensitive and correct Korean language services[/li]

[li]Being dedicated to providing excellence in communications through state of the art technology, personal service, and language expertise[/li]

[li]Actively promoting a global business environment by eliminating geographical, cultural, social, political, and linguistic barriers[/li][/list]


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  1. Low Hui Tse

    I need to translate our Material Safety Data Sheet into Korea Language. Please help to provide quotation

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