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Liverpool is a major city in England (2001 population: 440,000). The town was very prosperous in the 1700s and 1800s. Although the industries on which it depended declined in the 20th century, recently it has been enjoying a revival. Liverpool has a glorious past as a mercantile hub and gateway to the New World, but today it is also a key destination for art lovers and fans of the theatre. Liverpool boasts its culture and heritage. Liverpool is a fantastic city break destination whenever you choose to visit. Liverpool is renowned for its glorious maritime history, musical heritage, two of the Premiership’s biggest football teams and two majestically different Cathedrals. Liverpool is rich in its buildings, streets and public spaces.

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A Korean Translator Recommends Some Korean Food You Can Enjoy

by Mr. Hong, Korean translator, Liverpool Branch, Korean Translation Services by Segem Consulting

Our Korean translator, Mr. Hong in our Korean translation Liverpool office shows his selection of Korean food you can enjoy.

The many barbecue restaurants have a grill set into the tables, on which you cook slices of beef (bulgogi), beef ribs (galbi), pork (samgyeopsal), chicken (dak), seafood or vegetables. Often your server helps out with the cooking. The inexpensive samgyeopsal is like bacon and can be fatty. These meals are usually only available in servings of two or more. Bulgogi, galbi and samgyeopsal are served with a bunch of lettuce and sesame leaves. Take a leaf in one hand (or combine two leaves for different flavours), and with your other hand use your chopsticks to load it with meat, side dishes, garlic and sauces according to our staff in Korean translation Liverpool. Then roll it up into a little package and eat it in one go. This is our Korean translator’s favourite! All the members in Korean translation Liverpool branch believe everyone will love this food once they try.

Bibimbap is a mixture of rice, vegetables and meat with an egg on top, which tastes much better than it sounds. Our members in Korean translation Liverpool recommends that you should mix it all together with your spoon before digging in. It comes with a generous dollop of gochujang (red chilli paste) so remove some if you don’t want it too hot. Bibimbap is often served with bean sprout soup but don’t mix that in too! Sanchae bibimbap is made with mountain-grown greens while dolsot bibimbap is served in a stone hotpot.

Traditional Korean breakfasts usually consist of soup, rice and kimchi. Western breakfasts are available in hotels, fast-food outlets, cafés and the ubiquitous bakeries, some of which have a few tables and chairs. Most convenience stores sell the basics – coffee, tea,sandwiches, fruit and pastries. Our Korean translation team in Liverpool think Korean breakfast is a truly healthy diet.

Samgyetang is a small whole chicken stuffed with glutinous rice, red dates, garlic and ginseng and boiled in broth. Almost all the staff member in Korean translation Liverpool like dakgalbi which is pieces of spicy chicken, cabbage, other vegetables and finger-sized pressed rice cakes,
which are all grilled at your table. Jjimdak is a spiced-up mixture of chicken pieces, transparent noodles, potatoes and other vegetables. Many informal hofs (pubs) serve inexpensive barbecued or fried chicken to
accompany the beer.

Desserts are not common in Seoul, but you may be served a piece of fruit, coffee or traditional tea at the end of the meal. Ice-cream parlours such as Baskin Robbins are everywhere, while the ‘wellbeing’ wave means that yogurt, fruit and red-bean concoctions are widely available at Red Mango and similar outlets.

Mr. Hong, our trusted Korean translator in Liverpool will write some more about Korean food on our blog section. Our Korean translation services in Liverpool are well known to the local solicitors.

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