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Our accurate Korean translations are truly fit for purpose in their target markets. Not simply word-for-word translation services, but tailored to Korean or English culture and phrasing, so your audience can instantly grasp the meaning. Individuals and companies in search of fast, accurate and cost-efficient translations have found our services to be of the highest standard. Our team of bilingual translators aim to please. No document is too large or too small to submit to us.


Korean Translation Translator in Birmingham UK


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A Korean Translator Shows How to Fly a Korean Kite

by Miss Lee, Korean translator, Birmingham Branch, Korean Translation Services by Segem Consulting

A Korean Translator Explains – An Overview of Korea’s International Relations

by Miss Lee, Korean translator, Birmingham Branch, Korean Translation Services by Segem Consulting

A Korean translator in our Korean translation office in Birmingham gives a brief introduction to Korea’s international relations.

Korea had begun to assist developing countries already in the 1960s, when it invited small numbers of trainees and dispatched a few experts overseas. After 1975, when its economy had reached a higher level, Korea began to increase its assistance in a variety of forms: grants of machinery and materials, construction technology aid, Economic Development Cooperation Fund (EDCF) loans and direct personnel assistance, especially through a Youth Volunteer Program. The Republic of Korea also provided assistance to developing countries through multilateral organizations such as the IMF, IBRD, ADB and nearly a dozen other international financial organizations.

Our Korean translator in Birmingham Korean translation branch thinks it is very important to know about Korea’s international relations. Developing countries often face serious problems because they lack experience in preparing economic plans, procuring necessary investment capital and executing the economic policies necessary for sustained economic growth. The Republic of Korea’s developmental experience, therefore, can be a model for such nations.

In April 1991, the Republic of Korea created the Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA) under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to consolidate its assistance to developing countries. It provides technical and financial aid to developing countries and shares Korea’s development experience and expertise.

KOICA implements various cooperation programs such as dispatching medical doctors, industry experts, taekwondo instructors and other volunteers, inviting trainees to Korea and assisting non-governmental organizations. KOICA contributes to enhancing Korea’s image through establishing cooperative relationships with developing countries. Korea has annually contributed about US$180 million in Official Developmental Aid (ODA) since 1993.

The Republic of Korea is committed to the pursuit of cultural exchanges with foreign countries to enhance bilateral friendship and understanding and to contribute to global reconciliation and cooperation. The nation also seeks to introduce Korean traditional art and culture abroad, and supports overseas Korean studies programs as well as numerous academic conferences and athletic exchanges. The Korea Foundation, established in 1991, coordinates and supports international cultural exchange programs.

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