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We offer professional Korean translation services. Also, we provide free pre-consulting services about Korean market penetration.

Korean Translation Examples

Below is an example table for Korean to English translation which can be useful when translating Korean names and addresses into English.

This table can be also used to learn Korean language or Korean alphabet as you can see Romonization of each Korean character.

ㄱ 가 ka 각 kak 간 kan 갈 kal 감 kam
갑 kap 갓 kat 강 kang 개 kae 객 kaek
거 keo 건 keon 걸 keol 검 keom 겁 keop
게 ke 겨 kyeo 격 kyeok 견 kyeon 결 kyeol
겸 kyeom 겹 kyeop 경 kyeong 계 kye 고 ko
곡 kok 곤 kon 골 kol 곳 kot 공 kong
곶 kot 과 kwa 곽 kwak 관 kwan 괄 kwal
광 kwang 괘 kwae 괴 koe 굉 koeng 교 kyo
구 ku 국 kuk 군 kun 굴 kul 굿 gut
궁 kung 권 kwon 궐 kwol 귀 kwi 규 kyu
균 kyun 귤 kyul 그 keu 극 keuk 근 keun
글 keul 금 keum 급 keup 긍 keung 기 ki
긴 kin 길 kil 김 kim 까 kka 깨 kkae
꼬 kko 꼭 kkok 꽃 kkot 꾀 kkoe 꾸 kku
꿈 kkum 끝 kkeut 끼 kki
ㄴ 나 na 낙 nak
난 nan 날 nal 남 nam 납 nap 낭 nang
내 nae 냉 naeng 너 neo 널 neol 네 ne
녀 nyeo 녁 nyeok 년 nyeon 념 nyeom 녕 nyeong
노 no 녹 nok 논 non 놀 nol 농 nong
뇌 noe 누 nu 눈 nun 눌 nul 느 neu
늑 neuk 늠 neum 능 neung 늬 nui 니 ni
닉 nik 닌 nin 닐 nil 님 nim
ㄷ 다 da
단 dan 달 dal 담 dam 답 dap 당 dang
대 dae 댁 daek 더 deo 덕 deok 도 do
독 dok 돈 don 돌 dol 동 dong 돼 dwae
되 doe 된 doen 두 du 둑 duk 둔 dun
뒤 dwi 드 deu 득 deuk 들 deul 등 deung
디 di 따 tta 땅 ttang 때 ttae 또 tto
뚜 ttu 뚝 ttuk 뜨 tteu 띠 tti
ㄹ 라 ra
락 rak 란 ran 람 ram 랑 rang 래 rae
랭 raeng 량 ryang 렁 reong 레 re 려 ryeo
력 ryeok 련 ryeon 렬 ryeol 렴 ryeom 렵 ryeop
령 ryeong 례 rye 로 ro 록 rok 론 ron
롱 rong 뢰 roe 료 ryo 룡 ryong 루 ru
류 ryu 륙 ryuk 륜 ryun 률 ryul 륭 ryung
르 reu 륵 reuk 른 reun 름 reum 릉 reung
리 ri 린 rin 림 rim 립 rip
ㅁ 마 ma
막 mak 만 man 말 mal 망 mang 매 mae
맥 maek 맨 maen 맹 maeng 머 meo 먹 meok
메 me 며 myeo 멱 myeok 면 myeon 멸 myeol
명 myeong 모 mo 목 mok 몰 mol 못 mot
몽 mong 뫼 moe 묘 myo 무 mu 묵 muk
문 mun 물 mul 므 meu 미 mi 민 min
밀 mil
ㅂ 바 ba 박 bak 반 ban 발 bal
밥 bap 방 bang 배 bae 백 baek 뱀 baem
버 beo 번 beon 벌 beol 범 beom 법 beop
벼 byeo 벽 byeok 변 byeon 별 byeol 병 byeong
보 bo 복 bok 본 bon 봉 bong 부 bu
북 buk 분 bun 불 bul 붕 bung 비 bi
빈 bin 빌 bil 빔 bim 빙 bing 빠 ppa
빼 ppae 뻐 ppeo 뽀 ppo 뿌 ppu 쁘 ppeu
삐 ppi
ㅅ 사 sa 삭 sak 산 san 살 sal
삼 sam 삽 sap 상 sang 샅 sat 새 sae
색 saek 생 saeng 서 seo 석 seok 선 seon
설 seol 섬 seom 섭 seop 성 seong 세 se
셔 syeo 소 so 속 sok 손 son 솔 sol
솟 sot 송 song 쇄 swae 쇠 soe 수 su
숙 suk 순 sun 술 sul 숨 sum 숭 sung
쉬 swi 스 seu 슬 seul 슴 seum 습 seup
승 seung 시 si 식 sik 신 sin 실 sil
심 sim 십 sip 싱 sing 싸 ssa 쌍 ssang
쌔 ssae 쏘 sso 쑥 ssuk 씨 ssi
ㅇ 아 a
악 ak 안 an 알 al 암 am 압 ap
앙 ang 앞 ap 애 ae 액 aek 앵 aeng
야 ya 약 yak 얀 yan 양 yang 어 eo
억 eok 언 eon 얼 eol 엄 eom 업 eop
에 e 여 yeo 역 yeok 연 yeon 열 yeol
염 yeom 엽 yeop 영 yeong 예 ye 오 o
옥 ok 온 on 올 ol 옴 om 옹 ong
와 wa 완 wan 왈 wal 왕 wang 왜 wae
외 oe 왼 oen 요 yo 욕 yok 용 yong
우 u 욱 uk 운 un 울 ul 움 um
웅 ung 워 wo 원 won 월 wol 위 wi
유 yu 육 yuk 윤 yun 율 yul 융 yung
윷 yut 으 eu 은 eun 을 eul 음 eum
읍 eup 응 eung 의 ui 이 i 익 ik
인 in 일 il 임 im 입 ip 잉 ing
ㅈ 자 ja 작 jak 잔 jan 잠 jam 잡 jap
장 jang 재 jae 쟁 jaeng 저 jeo 적 jeok
전 jeon 절 jeol 점 jeom 접 jeop 정 jeong
제 je 조 jo 족 jok 존 jon 졸 jol
종 jong 좌 jwa 죄 joe 주 ju 죽 juk
준 jun 줄 jul 중 jung 쥐 jwi 즈 jeu
즉 jeuk 즐 jeul 즘 jeum 즙 jeup 증 jeung
지 ji 직 jik 진 jin 질 jil 짐 jim
집 jip 징 jing 짜 jja 째 jjae 쪼 jjo
찌 jji
ㅊ 차 cha 착 chak 찬 chan 찰 chal
참 cham 창 chang 채 chae 책 chaek 처 cheo
척 cheok 천 cheon 철 cheol 첨 cheom 첩 cheop
청 cheong 체 che 초 cho 촉 chok 촌 chon
총 chong 최 choe 추 chu 축 chuk 춘 chun
출 chul 춤 chum 충 chung 측 cheuk 층 cheung
치 chi 칙 chik 친 chin 칠 chil 침 chim
칩 chip 칭 ching
칩 chip 칭 ching
ㅋ 코 ko 쾌 kwae 크 keu 큰 keun 키 ki
ㅌ 타 ta 탁 tak 탄 tan
탈 tal 탐 tam 탑 tap 탕 tang 태 tae
택 taek 탱 taeng 터 teo 테 te 토 to
톤 ton 톨 tol 통 tong 퇴 toe 투 tu
퉁 tung 튀 twi 트 teu 특 teuk 틈 teum
티 ti
ㅍ 파 pa 판 pan 팔 pal 패 pae
팽 paeng 퍼 peo 페 pe 펴 pyeo 편 pyeon
폄 pyeom 평 pyeong 폐 pye 포 po 폭 pok
표 pyo 푸 pu 품 pum 풍 pung 프 peu
피 pi 픽 pik 필 pil 핍 pip
ㅎ 하 ha
학 hak 한 han 할 hal 함 ham 합 hap
항 hang 해 hae 핵 haek 행 haeng 향 hyang
허 heo 헌 heon 험 heom 헤 he 혀 hyeo
혁 hyeok 현 hyeon 혈 hyeol 혐 hyeom 협 hyeop
형 hyeong 혜 hye 호 ho 혹 hok 혼 hon
홀 hol 홉 hop 홍 hong 화 hwa 확 hwak
환 hwan 활 hwal 황 hwang 홰 hwae 횃 hwaet
회 hoe 획 hoek 횡 hoeng 효 hyo 후 hu
훈 hun 훤 hwon 훼 hwe 휘 hwi 휴 hyu
휼 hyul 흉 hyung 흐 heu 흑 heuk 흔 heun
흘 heul 흠 heum 흡 heup 흥 heung 희 hui
흰 huin 히 hi 힘 him


Korean Software Localization and Translation

Korean Translation vs Localization

Korean translation is the process of converting written text or spoken words to another language. It requires that the full meaning of the source material be accurately rendered into the target language. In case of Korean to English translation, the source language is Korean and the target language is English. For English to Korean translation, the source is English language and the target is Korean language. They both require special attention to cultural nuance and style.

The difference between Korean translation and Korean localization is:

“Translation is only one of the activities in localization; in addition to translation, a localization project includes many other tasks such as project management, software engineering, testing, and desktop publishing.”

In localization, there is stronger emphasis placed on translation tools and technology compared to the traditional Korean translation industry.


Korean Market Developments

Because the Korean localization industry is growing, on average by 30% annually, the need for Korean localization specialists is more obvious than ever. Translators need a greater knowledge of computer technology, and engineers with better language skills. Many translation schools and universities recognize this market potential and are now offering localization studies.
Many software publishers are moving towards “total outsourcing” models, where all globalization and Korean localization-related activities are outsourced to special language agencies.
When you company needs Korean localization, we are here to help you. We provide a complete solution for your localization project requirements.


8 Essential Aspects of Korean Localization Specialists

Korean translators working for Korean localization projects in Segem Consulting have the following skills or qualifications:

  • Native Korean speaker
  • Advanced knowledge of computer applications
  • Experience using computer aided translation tools, e.g. translation memory
  • Subject matter knowledge, e.g. expertise in financial or medical field
  • Professional approach to schedules, budgets, and quality of deliverables
  • Basic knowledge of terminology management


Korean Localization Projects

The following components are found in traditional Korean localization projects:

  1. Software: application, sample files, CBT/demo
  2. Online Help: compiled, HTML/web
  3. Documentation: printed, online, collateral

Today, localization projects increasingly include additional support material, such as web-based technical support data. In some cases, software products are partially localized for certain markets. For example, a software publisher may decide to translate the software and not documentation, or only parts of the complete documentation set, based on sales and marketing requirements and return-on-investment expectations. A common choice for non-desktop applications is to translate the installation guide and getting started guide, and to include administrator or reference manuals in English.

For each Korean localization projects, we have a special Korean localization manager whose tasks include:

  • Organizing kick-off meetings for new projects.
  • Defining processes and contact points for Korean localization.
  • Distributing project materials and guidelines.
  • Overseeing overall project progress, budget, and contracts.
  • Coordinating post-localization release activities, such as CD creation, printing or electronic distribution.
  • Assisting in selecting the right localization tools.
  • Managing or coordinating project teams.

Contact us for a free quotation of your Korean translation and localization projects.

Korean Website Translation Services

Segem Consulting offers Website Translation Services, from Korean to English and from English to Korean.

English to Korean Translation | Translate English to Korean

Like software, websites and HTML documents should be designed and developed with Korean language support in mind. Korean translation of websites implies developing the site content to simplify hosting and displaying of Korean localized information. This applied to graphics, placement of text, and local content.

Because website internationalization is very much integrated with localization (translation), the process of publishing websites in Korean language is usually referred to as website globalization. A well globalized and internationalized website allows Korean localization services to focus on translating the content, as opposed to processing wide range of complex file formats and types.

If you company is not ready for simple Korean translation because of the problems mentioned above, we can help you in terms of optimizing your website for translation.

In short, our website localization process can be summarized as follow;

  1. Choose a website platform, server, and software palette that supports Korean language.
  2. Evaluate the site architecture to determine what should be changed to facilitate the localization process - Korean to English translation and English to Korean translation.
  3. Identify which parts of the site can be translated and which parts must be rewritten specific for South Korea – local content versus global content.
  4. Create a bilingual website structure or content database with language folders and navigation system.
  5. Choose a toolset, for example combining a bilingual content management system with tracking tools and translation memory.
  6. Develop a site upload and maintenance plan.

After these initial steps, Segem Consulting starts to translate the website content, or create Korean content.

It is not unusual website changing frequently, both from a content and design perspective. Web pages are often generated dynamically using templates, scripts, and databases. Maintaining website in English and Korean at the same time can be tedious process if it is not well thought-out from the beginning.

For more information on multilingual website development, visit Localization and Internationalization web page from the World Wide Web Consortium at

Korean Game Translation Services

Segem consulting, Korean translation company is proud to announce that we work with a major video game company in America. We are a leader in video game translation whether it is English to Korean video game translation or Korean to English video game translation. We also provide localised testing services.

Often game translation is called game localisation, which means a mere accurate translation is not enough to give gamers enough experience. It should be localised! We are bi-cultural. We understand both British culture and Korean culture. When it comes to Korean translation, we are the best!

We have a complete separate reviewers or proofreaders who checks for Korean translation errors or mistakes.

We ensure proper terminology is used in terms of both hardware and software. Some of us in Segem Consulting, a leader in Korean translation services are avid video game players. After work, we play Grand Turismo, Call of Duty and many others.

Actually, Korea’s gaming industry is quite competitive. In 2009 it was the third most competitive country in the world, closely following America and Japan.

We also provide characters and settings are right in terms of cultural context. We are Korean specialists and almost all Korean translators are not only bilingual but also bicultural, which means our Korean translators understand cultural context. This greatly helps us to achieve the most accurate translation results when it comes to video game translation and online game translation, because in these cases it is vital to understand cultural context and implement appropriate Korean translation techniques.

Because many Korean translators in Segem Consulting are bi-cultural, they can retain the flavour of the source game and interpret cultural context, thus achieve a very high quality game translation.

Menu text translation, system message translation, voice translation, dialogue translation and help file translation are key translations from English to Korean or from Korean to English. We are top quality Korean game translators.

Translate English to Korean

Translate English to Korean

Translate English to Korean

Translate English to Korean


Korean translation is a procedure when a text – be it oral or written – created in English is transferred into Korean language, or vice versa. But Korean translation is not just a word for word replacement. It is a difficult and creative process that requires real experts with a wide experience in Korean translation community.

Use the form below to get a rough idea about translating English to Korean by a machine translator. You can use it as a English -  Korean dictionary as well.

Communicating in different languages will expand your market and enable you to be understood or understand others. Segem Consulting – Korean translation UK company understands this importance of transmitting your message across language barriers, and we know how to do it correctly.

We recognize that accurately translated documents or websites can have a profound and positive impact on your company’s image, the acceptance of your products in international markets, your warranty cost and liability risk, as well as your ability to reach new customers.

We locate suitable Korean translators for each project, with the appropriate interaction and grammar language expertise and translation experience in the subject matter of your document. Our database of translators gives us the advantage to guarantee you a complete and professional translation within a strict deadline. We provide quality translation services in different areas of expertise. We help to communicate your message and ideas to the target market, to be understood and understand what the others say.

It is the language differences that made people resort to this challenging yet really important job and made the translation itself one of the oldest occupations in the world. If you or your organization requires top quality Korean translation at a good and affordable price, then Segem Consulting is the service company you are searching for. Different cultures, mentalities, levels of development, traditions – all of them come forward when a need arises to translate. It is easy to make oneself lost in this ever-changing world of words and meanings. But Segem Consulting is always there to lend a helping hand and guide you through the entire process of Korean translation helping you to avoid the language pitfalls and understand the nuances.

Segem Consulting offers you expert Korean translation services in the following subject areas – financial and technical, professional and general – with the right balance between quality and price. Our qualified and friendly staff of Korean translators, native Korean proofreaders and experienced style editors ensures that your Korean translation is of a high quality, uses the appropriate terminology, carefully renders all the technicalities and style, reads well and is accurate. We also translate US and UK patents and patent applications into Korean so that you can file with the Korean Patent Office. Of course, we offer Korean to English services as well. Our Korean patent translation team sticks to what it does best, and does it very well. We select native Korean English bilingual translators for their technical knowledge in an area of science or engineering, as well as for their exceptional linguistic abilities.

Feel free to look through the sections of our website and know more about our Korean translation services. Contact us for more information on our Korean translation services.

Enter text in English to translate to Korean and click “Translate”


Translate Korean to English

Translate Korean to English

Translate Korean to English – Machine vs Human

Translate Korean to English

There are times when you need to translate Korean to English. If you need several words to translate or want to get a rough idea of the meaning of the original sentence, it is a good idea to use machine translation for translating Korean to English. Many methods are available to help with translation from Korean. Without an interpreter, the best way to translate text is to use the Internet. Google provides services that will help you translate text from Korean to English easily.

If you land on this page, and are not bothered to visit Google’s translation page, you can simple use the form below for your translation needs.

Everyone knows that human translation from someone fluent in English and Korean is most accurate. But it is not always feasible to have a Korean translator work on every letter you wish to send. Therefore, machine translations offer a quick and easy method of converting your letter into a readable, although imperfect, translation.

If you are not happy with the machine result of translating Korean to English, you can always contact us for a free quote. Human Korean translators know about the cultural context within which the message will be received and interpreted. The effectiveness of the communication process is the ultimate quality in a Korean translation, not the ways and means used to express the message.

Enter text in Korean to translate to English and click “Translate”


English to Korean Translation

English to Korean Translation

English to Korean Translation

Looking for a first-class English to Korean translation service? With a team of professional translation project managers working in tandem with expert English to Korean translators, we guarantee satisfaction.

Segem Consulting has become, after many years of experience, a well-known English to Korean Translation Company as a result of its translation services rendered to a diverse range of national and international businesses. Since 2005, Segem Consulting has been offering online translation services and has continued to an ever increasing client base.

We continuously update practises and resources to make sure that our clients are always at the cutting edge of industry. We pride ourselves in our quality, speed, professionalism, reliability and effectiveness in each translation project executed. We appreciate the benefit of utilising linguists with specialist skills in specific industry areas in order to maintain the high standards that our clients expect.


English to Korean Translation

Superb English to Korean Translations

Your project will be translated by professional native Korean translators – every English to Korean translator was rigorously selected and tested before joining our team. We do not apply the approach of just selecting a Korean translator from a database – we care for our clients. We offer our clients a convenient one stop solution for all their English to Korean translation service needs. Our translators can handle any subject matter of any size and in any format.


Accurate language translations

Our project manager confirms intended use and target audience, communication guidelines and production specifications with client. The project manager will supervise all phases of adaptation and production. We deliver a range of English to Korean translation services. Whether you have general translation requirements, or special requirements such as legal, technical or script translations, we have dedicated linguists to cater for your needs.


[list class="bullet-check"][li]Highly competitive quote in less than 1 hour[/li]

[li]24 hour a day / 7 days a week availability[/li]

[li]Fully Project Managed Translation[/li]

[li]Industry Specific Professional Translators translating into their native language[/li]

[li]Friendly Customer Service[/li]

[li]Accurate Translation and delivered on time[/li]

[li]Language translation for every need[/li][/list]


Urgent translation?

We are pleased to be able to have the ability to translate large projects at the last minute and are, therefore, able to offer an urgent translation service when needed. Segem Consulting offers an urgent translation service. Should your translation project be of urgency, please, do not hesitate to contact us – we are available 24 hours, 365 days a year.


English to Korean translation specialisation

Over the years, Segem Consulting has helped many businesses expand to new markets using our translation services. Since 2002, our English to Korean Translation and Korean to English translation services have been our most popular choice. Because of the fact we are a UK translation agency with offices in Korea and UK, we always have the best native Korean translator or English translator team at hand.

Our Korean to English translation team has a wealth of experience. Each translator has a unique specialized translation field – be it a medical translation, technical translation and so forth, which guarantees the quality of our translation services. We are ready to be the perfect match for any translation project.


Our Mission

[list class="bullet-6"][li]Helping you communicate perfectly with any Korean audience[/li]

[li]Helping our clients accommodate the Korean linguistic needs of their international Korean customers[/li]

[li]Providing culturally sensitive and correct Korean language services[/li]

[li]Being dedicated to providing excellence in communications through state of the art technology, personal service, and language expertise[/li]

[li]Actively promoting a global business environment by eliminating geographical, cultural, social, political, and linguistic barriers[/li][/list]


Contact us for your free non obliging translation quote.

Top Quality Korean Translator

Korean Translator – 9 Essential Characteristics

We are Korean specialists. Who knows better than us when it comes to Korean translation?

Find out why top companies like BBC, Samsung, LG, Hyundai, Dyson, Hynix and Kia are our business partners.

Top Quality Korean Translator

Segem Consulting’s Korean translation projects are done by highly trained, top quality bi-cutural translators, which is the reason why top companies like BBC, Samsung, LG, Dyson, Hyundai, Kia and Hynix work with us. We are Korean specialists – that’s why we know better than the others when it comes to Korean translation. In this article, you can find what it takes to be a top quality Korean translator.

A top quality Korean translator must have the following 9 essential characteristics:

  • Subject specialist
    The content of the original Korean or English text should be communicated accurately, clearly and naturally. If the translator is an engineering expert, then he or she should translate mainly engineering texts rather than texts in other subjects, because this will ensure both quality and the speed of the translation. Segem’s Korean translators are top quality Korean translators – they all have their own special subjects – medical, engineering, semiconductor, technical, IT, financial, marketing, legal, etc.
  • Native speaker
    Mastery of the source language ensures that the meaning conveyed by the source text author is very clearly and accurately understood by the Korean translator. Every language has its different styles to express its levels of formality or to convey an emotion or expression. Korean uses special nouns and verb endings to express the position of the speaker in relation to the audience. Only a native Korean translator can understand its complexities and proper usage. Our Korean translators are all native Korean speakers.
  • Bilingual
    A Korean translator must be very proficient in both English and Korean language. Every aspect of it must be clearly interpreted by the Korean translator. Mastery of the Korean language is even more important when it is an English to Korean translation. A translated Korean text is deemed weak if it is delivered in Korean poorly because the translator is not familiar with the grammar and nuances of Korean language. Thus, it is best if Korean language is the Korean translator’s dominant or native language, because only such highly proficient language users will have the intuitiveness for the language and will thus be able to deliver a better Korean translation. This principle applies to Korean to English translation as well as English to Korean translation. Even for a native Korean language speaker, excellent knowledge of English language is necessary. Bilingual Korean translators are proficient in both Korean and English and provide satisfactory results.
  • External Knowledge
    A client thinks and talks about translation from outside the process - from their perspective, the text as product or commodity is most important. They need to be able to use the Korean translation as a reliable basis for action, in the sense that if they take action on the belief that the translation gives them the kind of information they need about the original, that action will not fail because of the translation. They rely on the Korean translated results – textual reliability and the Korean translator’s reliability. Our Korean translators are the most reliable translators in the world. We take care of Bolton’s famous football player Chung Yong Lee’s press conferences.
  • Reliability
    The Korean translated text is not the only important element of reliability for our clients; We understand that our Korean translators too must be reliable.
    Reliability with regard to the text: Attention to detail, Sensitivity to the user’s needs, Research, Checking
    Reliability with regard to the client: Versatility, Promises, Friendliness, Confidentiality.
  • Internal Knowledge
    A top quality Korean translator thinks about Korean translation from inside the process, knowing how it’s done, possessing a practical real-world sense of the problems involved, some solutions to those problems, and the limitations on those solutions. While Korean translators must meet the needs of Korean translation clients, it is also important for Korean translators to integrate those needs into a translator-oriented perspective on the work; seeing the timeliness clients want in terms of enhanced income, requiring speed but also connected to project management. Korean translators should have pride and ethics. The speed with which our Korean translators process difficult Korean vocabulary and structures without losing translation accuracy is amazing because of their practice and experience.
  • Cultural Knowledge, Bi-cultural
    Cultures are far more complex phenomena than it may seem to the Korean translator who needs to know how to wrap-around text. The more aware the Korean translator can become of the cultural complexities, including power differentials between cultures and genders, the better a Korean translator will be. Some Korean words and phrases are so heavily and exclusively grounded in Korean culture that they are almost impossible to translate into English words or phrases. To translate those words and phrases, a Korean translator needs to understand the British culture and history as well as the Korean culture, history and society.
  • Intelligence
    You might say, intelligence? Yes, intelligence is important to be a highly valued Korean translator. Why? Because Korean translation is an intelligent activity, requiring creative problem-solving in novel textual, social, and cultural conditions. An excellent Korean translator is also an excellent student who never stops learning. Translation is always intelligent behavior—even when it seems least conscious or analytical. Korean translators use their intelligence in faster and more reliable ways to achieve the best result.
  • Experience
    What kind of experience is indispensable for the Korean translator’s work? In addition to have profound and extensive experiences of Korean language, experience of the Korean cultures essential. Segem Consulting’s top quality Korean translators have rich experience in Korean culture as they are bi-cultural, not to mention they are bilinguals. Our Korean translators are exposed to people who speak Korean in different regions, social classes, and professions and have an extensive experience of a specialised  subject matter. Our Korean translators are Korean specialists – they always want to know more, always want to have experienced more, never feels satisfied with the job just completed. These are the reasons why Segem Consulting’s Korean translators are the best. A top quality Korean translator is able to to understand the concepts like intuitive leaps, pattern building, rules and theories.
  • Training
    A Korean translator must be familiar with the basic principles of Korean translation theory and practice. A Korean translator’s job is not only to find equivalent terms in Korean language but he or she must be able to deliver the Korean translation according to the rules, style, and grammar of English language so that the translation does not sound awkward and unnatural. The translated Korean version must be delivered in a manner that sounds natural and smooth-flowing and is meaningful to the British reader. This is the reason why a professional Korean translator must have gone through a minimum period of training for handling technical, legal, medical, engineering, educational, scientific, financial or marketing projects. According to wikipedia, a good translator must be a subject specialist, be good in the source language, even better at the target language, and must have received training in translation theory and practice.
Korean Translation UK Company – Segem Consulting

Korean Translators UK – Segem Consulting

Korean to English Translation

Korean to English Translation

Korean to English Translation


Segem Consulting is a leading professional Korean to English translation provider, specializing in a number of services including Korean to English translation services. We offer a number of Korean translation services, including document translation, website translation, and video game translation. Additionally, we can also translate technical manuals, patents and certificates.

At the core getting business done, you need to convince other people, but getting them understood in Korean isn’t always possible. There are various Korean to English translation services around, but in today’s competitive business climate, you need a certified Korean to English translation provider you can trust. In the age of globalization we live in today, you should definitely consider localizing your website into Korean! It is a highly cost-effective investment and an easy way to expand your business!

With experienced Korean to English translators based around the world we deliver result regardless of type of document whether it’s financial, technical, legal, medical, marketing, or any other subject.

Further, our Korean to English translation team has many specialized document translators who are experienced in many different types of document translation including birth and death certificates, marriage certificates, divorce decrees, diplomas, transcripts, and any other Korean document you may need translated.

Moreover, your translation deadlines are important, and to us they are as important as they are to you, rest assured, we’ll meet them. Speedy, accurate Korean to English translations when it simply has to be right. Extensive understanding of Korean to English translation and publishing technologies including Adobe InDesign makes us the ideal partner for your Korean to English translation requirements.

We offer a number of other Korean translation services. To view a complete list of Korean to English translation services we provide, visit our services page. No matter what your Korean translation needs are, Segem Consulting can provide for them. For more information on Korean translators visit our Korean Translator page.


Translation Korean to English

Korean Translation

Korean Translation Services by Segem Consulting, Korean Specialists

Why Top Companies Like BBC, Samsung, LG, Hyundai, Dyson Work With Us – We Are Korean Specialists!

Korean Translation

Korean Translation Services

Segem Consulting – Korean Translation offers professional Korean translation services for English to Korean and Korean to English language pairs. Our Korean translation team consists of many expert and experienced Korean translators. We also provide specialized Korean translation services in a different field such as engineering, technical, legal, financial, medical, and more.

We only provide Korean translation – after all, we are Korean specialists. We are proud of oursleves being able to offer specialized services which no other translation companies can provide. In fact, many translation companies are using our services. You can cut down the middle man and work with us directly.

Because our translators are bi-cultural as well as bilingual, we offer accurate translation services and convey the original meaning without sacrificing anything!

Whether your Korean translation need is large or small, Segem Consulting is always there to meet your demands and produce satisfactory results. Our Korean translators have extensive experiences in translating different types of documents including birth and death certificates, marriage certificates, divorce decrees, diplomas, transcripts, and any other Korean documents you may need translated. Whether it is a simple text document or a complicated InDesign document, we are simple ready!

We have excellent Korean software engineers and quality assurance editors who can localize any software product or website. We can professionally translate any Korean website, no matter if it is a static HTML website or an advanced CMS / eCommerce website. We also provide special Korean translation package to video gaming companies. Whether it is an offline DVD game or an online game, we simply deliver the result you want. In the age of globalization, you should definitely consider localizing your website into the Korean language! It is a highly cost-effective investment and an easy way to expand your business!

We also offer services for Korean interpretation, voice-overs, transcriptions, and multilingual search engine optimization. No matter what your translation needs are, Segem Consulting can provide for them.

Information about Korean Translation

Korean, like English, is a phonetic eoneo (un-uh; language). Each character of the Korean sseugi (sseu-gee; writing) system represents a sound, be it a vowel or a consonant. Although Korean has its own writing system, Hangeul, learning Korean using Korean script will require that you learn various sound change rules. Hangeul was developed in the mid 1400s by the King Sejong’s mandate to create a writing system that could easily be learned by commoners. Today, almost all of Korea relies on Hangeul for written communication, and Romanization is used exclusively for foreigners. Translating Korean will give you access to a wealth of online resources, so if you want to translate Korean more effectively, first you need Korean translator who understand the underlying cultural background. Pronounce Korean words as though you are British, Scottish, or Australian rather than an American. For example, pronounce an-gyeong as ahn-gyoung not an-gyoung. Pronounce the an as ahn rather than an.


Korean Translator Explains Traditional Korean Food, Kimchi

Kimchee is an ancient method of preserving vegetables that has become a Korean staple. There are hundreds of different types, many of them featuring lots of garlic and chile. It can be preserved for a long time and provides vital vitamins and minerals that are otherwise missing in the Korean winter diet. A great condiment that can be eaten with rich grilled and roasted meats, or as part of soups or a stir-fry, kimchee is not difficult to make, but the process does extend over a couple of days.


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