How to Find a Korean English Translator

Where Can I Find a Good Korean English Translator

Where Can I Find a Good Korean English Translator and How Can I Trust Them?


 How to Find a Korean English Translator


With a professional Korean translator on your side, you can expect better opportunities for your business. Korean mobile and consumer electronic companies like Samsung and LG – They are one of the giants on the earth and are deemed a leader in technological innovation. Having a Korean business partner can undoubtedly open the doors of possibilities.

English to Korean or Korean to English translation is a complex task which must reflect the multi-faceted nature of Korean society and culture to deliver the best service possible. That’s why our Korean translators at Segem Consulting are culturally minded professionals who understand the nuances of Korean and translation and interpreting as well.

There are many Korean translators that are professional and efficient. We see ourselves as being more than just Korean translators – for us translation does not simply involve converting one language into another. That’s why we want to be your business partner providing brochure translation, communication translation, program translation, application translation, web site translation, hardware and software documentation translation. Our Korean translators are very proud of their language and do not take kindly to English to Korean or Korean to English translations which do not meet the highest standard.

For conferences and high-level meetings, we have high quality Korean translators with considerable experience in interpreting for large corporate and various government agencies, available for short or extended assignments.

If you need any kind of financial document translation, legal translation, medical or pharmaceutical translation, or any other kind, our specialized translators will provide fast turnaround translations and always at the lowest translation cost possible. We are delighted to offer comprehensive services – translation, proofreading, document formatting and desktop publishing. We accept almost all file formats – Word, Adobe InDesign, Quark Xpress, Adobe Pagemaker, etc. We also offer free pre-press proofreading, to ensure your printed material is set as it was intended! Our translation rates are often at least 50% less than most other online translation services, making Segem Consulting the most practical choice for any professional Korean English translation. Contact us with any questions using our contact us page. Alternatively you can call us on 07590 411402.

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