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Korean Search Engine in English – Segem Consulting’s SEO Korean Translation Service

Korean Search Engine

Segem Consulting has launched Search Engine Translation Services (SEO Translation Services) on 22,  September 2011. With DL Computer Consulting‘s SEO experience, we can provide a complete package whether it is from Korean to English or from English to Korean. Sometimes you need to make an important decision based on the results from Korean search engines. You can rely on our new Korean SEO package when you simply need professional and accurate  translations on Korean websites.

The SEO market in Korea is alarmingly increasing. If you are interested in penetrating into Korean market, you cannot ignore Korean search engines as well as Google in Korean language. If you are frustrated because you cannot get help, you are not alone. There have been some demands from our clients – you asked, we answered! Not only we provide Search Engine Translation Services but also we offer a complete SEO package in Korean.

DL Computer Consulting’s Search Engine Optimization infrastructure and Search Engine Marketing techniques have achieved success for its clients in the UK market and the Korean market as well. We essentially consider ourselves a partner in the online business of our client. The SEO market in Korea is in a nascent stage. We are delighted to provide this service.

We also provide website translation services. Imagine your website looking beautiful and indexed by Korean search engines. Your company’s website will be translated into Korean by professional and reliable human translators, not by machines.

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